Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a home inspector?

If you’re planning on purchasing a home, chances are you have visited numerous times and carefully walked through it inside and out. While this is an essential part of the homebuying process, it doesn’t match what a professional home inspector provides.

A whole house inspection includes a thorough review of grading, drainage, foundation, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, siding, windows, doors and more. As an expert in the field, we see things the average person doesn’t. Having detailed information about the home’s condition allows you to make better decisions when purchasing.

Home inspections can also help guide decision making when selling a home or when deciding how to prioritize maintenance and repairs on an existing home.

Do I need a licensed home inspector?

Yes. As of 2019, the State of Ohio requires home inspectors to be licensed. Kaleb Thomas Property Inspection Services is licensed.

What about a certified home inspector?

Certification ensures the inspector has the experience and education needed to meet licensing requirements. Tom Kunkle, lead inspector for Kaleb Thomas Property Inspection Services, is certified through Hondros College of Toledo, Ohio.

Can I use the inspector my real estate agent recommends?

The State of Ohio requires real estate brokers and salespeople to provide the names of at least three licensed home inspectors when making a recommendation to a purchaser or seller. While our services are sometimes recommended through real estate professionals, we are proud to be independent. We work for the customer who hires us, not the real estate agent. This arrangement helps ensure unbiased reporting.

How do I know that I am hiring the right home inspector?

Home inspectors are generalists, meaning they know some information about nearly everything that makes up a home. The more overall knowledge an inspector has, the better service you can expect.

Our inspections exceed the standards set forth by the State of Ohio and the American Society of Home Inspectors. Our experience covers nearly every aspect of the residential construction industry and includes thousands of home inspections.

While the decision on hiring the “right” inspector is a personal one, we are proud to be highly recommended as one of the best home inspection companies in the area. We work hard to exceed customer expectations.

How much does it cost for an inspection?

Inspections are priced based on the size of the home or commercial space and number of out buildings on the property. We are happy to provide a free quote over the phone. Please call us for details.

If I hire you, when will I receive your report?

You will receive a report after the inspection is complete. We provide a thorough, detailed report that includes the condition of each item inspected. We take great pride in providing reports that are clear, direct and easy to understand.

What happens if you find an issue during the inspection?

Deficiencies can be present in any building, even new ones. In order to determine what should be done, it’s important to understand how serious the issue is and what it will take to correct it. Our reports help provide these details so that the purchaser or seller has the information needed to make objective decisions.

Do you have additional questions? Please reach out and let us know.

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